6 Common Office Relocation Mistakes

Office relocation in London is a big deal and it needs planning to be processed completely. You cannot miss out even the slightest detail when making a move. Office relocation takes up more time because there are more things to consider, and more things to pack. At the end of the day, if you have missed any important document which was needed for the business, you have to spend even more time fixing that problem and look bad in front of the client or your boss. There are many problems which can be faced by Managers when moving to office location. It totally depends on the office managers to take responsibility for the move. And the managers will probably be doing it for the first and the last time. Here a few problems which are quite obvious and everyone is distended to face them.

Budget for office relocation

How much have you kept aside for office relocation?

You should always have a budget for moving separately because you cannot rely on cheap moving companies. The moving companies who are cheap usually are inexperienced, and due to their lack of experience, you have to face all of their problems. You should opt for a good reputation over cheap removal services.

It is always beneficial to talk to experienced Office removals companies before making a move or even selecting a company. It will allow you to make the informed decision and allow you to foresee the actual cost which is required for the move.

Keep a checklist

It is always good to keep a checklist, it helps you to keep track of all the major things and give you a complete list of important things. The mistake of need making a list is done by most people because it seems like a lot of work to do it. But doing this extra work will help you keep everything tracked. Making a checklist can also help you to toss out the unwanted things. Relocation is also the best time for you to sort thru documents and trash the unwanted stuff. Never forget to destroy the old official documents which can contain personal information.


It is always a good idea to inform people who are associated externally with the company. Your clients should also know about your office move, because if you accidentally miss something a call or an email of the client so they know the reason behind it. There are multiple ways to inform other people and clients about the company relocation process, you can use a postal service or a bulk emailing service, or if you have a website you can always update your website with the necessary information.

IT, DATA & Network Equipment’s

It is really important to do this part right because this is the heart and soul of your workflow. Every office removals London company these days are trying to automate their processes and to achieve the automation they need to depend on data centres and Network Equipment. Servers and equipment which is holding sensitive information about the company should be relocated securely and in minimum downtime. This is critical for modern businesses as they depend a lot on it.

Personal Computers of Employees

Each employee work station items should be packed and named against him, it will allow you to keep the unloading very organized. You will keep the things on their table and ask them to unpack their stuff. Everybody can be responsible for their own work station.

Old equipment and unwanted furniture

Old equipment and furniture which are not in use is just excessive wait, which you are going to carry and pay for, for no reason. Office relocation is the best time to toss off all the unwanted things, which is just extra weight. Tossing these things off will give you peace of mind and will make room for the new office equipment which you wanted to have in the office for a long time.